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Parish Pastoral Council

  - Elected June 2017:

Father Quirico – Parish Priest
Michele Oliver – Chairperson
Veronica Butler – Secretary

Members: -
Monica Pride,
John Reynolds,
Helen Reynolds,
Jan Sosinko,
Anastasia Tinsel,
Bob Schimanski

Newsletter Editor: - Marie Rambaud ph: 423 8907

Sub Committees:
Finance & Works - Ken Hancock
Health & Safety - Vaughan Sampson


ON WEDNESDAY 7th March 2018
at 7pm in Wellsford Parish Hall

Opening Prayer:
Reading from Pope Francis on Mercy

Fr Rico, Anastasia Tinsel, Monica Pride, Bob Schimanski, Michele Oliver and Veronica Butler

Elaine Taylor, Jan Sosinko, Helen and John Reynolds

Minutes of previous meeting
Read and confirmed

Matters arising:

  • Kiribati paishioner is leader of the Kiribati community in Wellsford and Warkworth. Most live in Warkworth as employment is there. Tita (pronounced Sita) Karaamea is happy to come on Council. Fr will try and get someone from Maungatoroto. Spoke about changing over some PPC members at the coming AGM in May this year.
  • Two new Eucharistic Ministers available in Wellsford – Merza Cellabos (Philippino) and Uraura Uniar (Kiribati). Fr said he went to see Stephen Vercoe who stated he was not yet ready to receive Communion at home. Dallas and Tame are happy to receive Communion weekly on a Friday.
  • Bob felt that the minuted response to his presentation of the Gay Pride magazine last month was too bland and muted.
  • 22nd March Liturgy Meeting will be dealing with copyrite – April has a seminar on One Licence. We need a list of all free hymns as well as those with copyrite payable. The vexed question of how long copyrite lasts … apparently 50 years from the end of the year the composer died.

Send Helen and John a copy of the PPC Minutes for their information.
Monica is sending them a Cenacle card for perpetual prayer.

An email from the Liturgy Centre about the serminar on Fit for Mission will be forwarded by Michele to committee members. March 14th has a 'Courageous Conversations' seminar at St Francis' Church in Devonport.

Youth Report:
Anastasia showed us a poster she prepared to catch the attention of young people - Monica suggested Fr consider a special blessing for children.

Liturgy Report:
Easter preparations include – Reconciliation in Wellsford every Fsriday after Stations of the Cross and Mangawhai every Sunday before Mass. Palm Sunday Masses and weekday Masses before Easter; then 8pm Holy Thursday, Good Friday at 3pm, Saturday 8pm Wellsford, Sunday 8,30 Mangawhai and 10.30 Maungatoroto

General Business:

  • Finalised preparations for Gala on 10 March. Several people have placed apologies as away and unable to attend. Vaughan Samson reminded us the Food Act exempts us for morning tea etc at the Gala.

Closing Prayer:

Meeting closed ...
at 8.30pm

Next Meeting:
Wednesday 4th April at 7pm Wellsford


ON WEDNESDAY 7th February 2018
at the home of Anastasia Tinsel 6.30pm

Opening Prayer:
Fr Rico

Fr Rico, Michele Oliver, Elaine Taylor, Monica Pride, Jan Sosinko, Bob Schimanski and Vee Butler

Anastasia Tinsel, Helen and John Reynolds

Minutes of previous meeting
tabled and reviewed

Matters arising:

  • Update from the Mangawhai Sewing Group – sewing will take a back seat this year to fundraise for a large TV for the Philippines orphanage: ($1000 NZ), as electrical goods very expensive there. A proposed starter event is a 'Medieval Dinner' (Kathleen and John Brockliss)
  • The 3 boxes of goods forwarded late last year to Uganda have not yet been received.
  • Helen had made real progress on the installation/utilisation of the new IT equipment at Maungatoroto and was working on a 'library'of hymns

A letter was received from Anastasia stating she has a poster on the Youth Programme available for distribution. Anyone interested in helping please contact her. She also offered the possibility of getting some St John's cadets to assist at the Gala: the group thanked Anastasia and agreed the help of cadets would be very useful.

to be held from 9am to 12 noon on Saturday 10 th March in St Mary's Church grounds at 6 Matheson Road, Wellsford. A list of roles/helpers is being compiled in Wellsford. Additionally Vaughan has produced a similar sheet for circulation at Mass this Sunday in Mangawhai. Some tasks already underway include -

  • Ken Hancock has oversight of the Gala (Vee requested a meeting be held in the next couple of weeks to ensure all areas are covered and unnecessary overlaps and double ups eliminated.)
  • A special Gala notice be prepared (Vee to speak with Marie) and email copy to Monica
  • Publicity essential to bring folks to the Gala. Michele and Jan to organise radio coverage. When posters prepared (Jan and Vee) these can be dropped off in shops/ schools / clubs etc, Facebook???
  • Confirmed duties:
    • Auction 11am
    • Clothing stall
    • Toys
    • Books
    • Groceries (can we ask families to fill a bucket if possible?)
    • Plant stall (Ester Rees?
    • Quickfire raffles Produce – Margaret Pride
    • White elephant – Maungatoroto parishioners
    • Morning tea stall – Scones/sandwiches/muffins
  • Pricing – there has been past resistance to individual pricing so it was proposed and agreed to section areas eg Blue area = $5 / Green area = $3 etc

General Business:

  • Bob requested that 2 Filipino and 2 Kiribati parishioners be invited on to the Council both to encourage them and support their involvement in the community. Fr will ask them.
  • It was agreed that the invitation received from Wayne Thornton (Anglican Minister) to share their 9am Ash Wednesday service at Mangawhai be accepted and published in the Parish Notices and a reciprocal invitation be made for their congregation to attend our 10am Maungatoroto or 7pm Wellsford service
  • All are welcome to a Liturgy meeting at 12 noon on 17 th February to update copyright issues and how best to cover Helen's absence from the music scene.
  • Can Mangawhai rosters be included in P/Notices? Apparently these hav not always been received for inclusion. Jan sends out a sheet to all participants – look it up!! Similarly Mangawhai Prayers of the Faithful need tobe more specific to locals and additions/omissions/subtractions often left to last minute. Talk to Petronella before Mass starts to ensure these are current.
  • Bob asked for clarification as to whether Fr would visit people following request for Holy Communion at home – agreed.
  • Bob updated everyone on Helen Reynolds progress following her fall. She is in very good spirits but still requires an unknown amount of therapy. Presently in Ward 81 Auckland Hospital but they are looking at moving to Ngatea.
  • Elaine outlined the catalogue of events leading to a somewhat chaotic Christmas Day Mass at Mangawhai, highlighting the need for a new system to reduce a possible recurrence. Urusula and David may have an alternative and it was agreed they follow this up.
  • Euthanasia booklets available for distribution to local churches – submissions to be in by 20 February.
  • Bob produced a copy of the latest Pride magazine and expressed his concern re its potential impact on young people. While there was acknowledgement of his concerns, we are also bound by the law of the land and Christ's admonition to love and not condemn others.

Meeting closed ...
at 8.50pm

Next Meeting:
Wednesday 7 th March at 7pm at Wellsford Parish Hall


at the home of Anastasia Tinsel 6.30pm

Opening Prayer:
Michele (in the absence of Fr Rico)

Michele Oliver, Anastasia Tinsel, Helen and John Reynolds, Jan Sosinko and Chris, Veronica Butler

Monica Pride, Elaine Taylor, Bob Schimanski

As this meeting was primarily a social occasion, it was agreed that clarity be sought and recorded on certain matters:


  • Helen brought us up to date on the new IT installations at Maungaturoto – all proceeding well and proving a big help to the church and congregation there
  • The Gala has a set date for Saturday 10th March 2018 and a call is going out for helpers and items for sale. Kathleen and John Brockliss have offered to help and Veronica volunteered for preparatory work and on the day, but leaves the next day on holiday.
  • All preparations for Christmas services underway.
    • Christmas gifting for families in Wellsford amounted to $400 (since updated to $700).
    • The first 3 Sundays of Advent have been set aside to collect special food/gifts to add to Christmas parcels. Hams, chickens etc have been organised
  • The Sewing Group has completed an epic year sending large clothing parcels to Uganda (special thanks to an anonymous donor) and the Philippines (courtesy of Ester and Hank Rees) Thanks for the financial assistance from parishioners so generously backing this group. Clothing is presently being sorted for the Birthing Centre in the Philippines

Thank You:
To all those who have worked so tirelessly – our thanks to you all and the blessing of the Christ Child be with each of you.

Thanks to Anastasia
A lovely meal was shared by all those who attended. Our thanks to Anastasia and her family for their hospitality.

Next Meeting:
WEDNESDAY 7th FEBRUARY 2018 at 7pm at Wellsford Parish Hall

Special thanks...
To each of you for your commitment and hard work for the parish,
and may God bless you abundantly this Christmas


held on Wednesday 8th November 2017 at Wellsford Parish Hall at 7.00pm

Opening Prayer:
Fr Rico

Fr Rico, Bob Schimanski, Elaine Taylor, Anastasia Tinsel, Monica Pride, Helen and John Reynolds, Veronica Butler

Jan Sosinko and Michele Oliver

Minutes of previous Meeting:
Tabled and confirmed – (Bob/Helen)

Matters arising:

  • Laptop purchase – Helen reported that Jan's son Richard has purchased a 2nd hand HP Elite laptop computer ex lease for $500 . It has Windows 7 programme (better than W.10) VGA and HDMI inputs to use with data projector and TV screen. He has also purchased a backup hard drive. Helen will download a free programme which has a library of hymns for selection. We have purchased the necessary HDMI lead. We need ameeting with Helen, Ursula, Ester and Elaine (and anyone else interested) to co-ordinate usage across the parish churches.
  • Gala Day – need a confirmed date for March (Bob meeting with Ken tomorrow).
  • Medical Centre – have paid old rental rate with no response to suggested increase.


  • Fr invited anyone from Council to attend the Deanery Dinner on December 5th in Takapuna at lunch time $40 pp. 8 attended last year with Fr Bill – anyone interested contact Fr by next week.
  • Michele sent out two greetings cards to parishioners who were unwell.
  • Veronica to get Edita's address and let Bob know.
  • Monica suggested that changes of address/email be sent on to Bob - she will ask Marie to put a note in the Newsletter

Sub-Committee Reports:

  • Works and Finance report
    - Nothing new
  • Health and Safety
    - Nothing new
  • Liturgy

    Last week's meeting discussed upcoming November/December preparations:

    Holy Souls box for holding names of those we pray for in November retrieved.

    Christ the King on 26th November to be a big celebration at Wellsford – 9.30 Adoration and Benediction / 10.30am Mass followed by shared lunch. 1st Friday – Stations of the Cross with Reconciliation after Stations.
    Advent wreaths – located. Fr would like parishioners to come as families to light candles. No flowers in Advent

    Christmas Eve/Day – because of the clash with the last day of Advent and Christmas Eve, Fr unable to say the normal spread of Masses so it was agreed that Maungaroto would change the Saturday evening Mass to 11am Christmas Day (now confirmed) with Mangawhai at 8,30am Christmas Day and Wellsford a 9pm Christmas Day Mass – Agreed.

    Maungatoroto is hosting a charismatic Mass at 6pm on 2nd December (Praise and worship starts at 5.15pm followed by supper, and on 18 November a pot luck dinner for end of year get together. Need to plan for a end of year Christmas function for all the parish at Wellsford.
  • Youth
    Group on hold due to exams etc Anastasia agreed to make contact with youth while parents are having a cup of tea after Mass. Monica suggested the Youth may like to re-juvenate the camels and their background for display in front of Wellsford church.
  • Social Justice
    - The parcel to Uganda was all ready to go until we discovered it was to cost $1000 to transport. The specially requested sanitary pads, patterns for sewing along with underwear will still be sent but the remainder of the clothing will be distributed elsewhere. 4 boxes of clothing have already gone to the Philippines this year.
  • R.P.C. Report
    - Bob reported on this event from 2 weeks ago – Garth Clarke is the new rep; Monica Grimshaw has just finished after 6 years; Hibiscus Coast has a new Parish Council after several years without one; Devonport is putting on a Christmas Party for 60 special needs children and their carers - parish will provide Christmas parcels. Takapuna's has a healthy RCIA group of 7 adults and 8 children.

General Business:

  1. Fit for Mission – Fr noted that in the time he had spent with the Council there had been no specific mention of this – how has the Parish responded? Discussed at length with general concensus being that there are many initiatives operating in the Parish at present, we have had two missions which were widely supported over the past few years, an good will actions on a more informal level.
  2. An apology received for next meeting from Monica

    Next Meeting:
    Next meeting on 6th December will be held at Anastasia's home at 669 Mangawhai Road to include a shared meal with BYO mains/desserts/drinks.

    The meeting closed at 8.35pm with a blessing from Fr Rico.


    held on 4th October 2017 at Wellsford Parish Hall at 7pm

    Opening Prayer:
    Fr Rico

    Fr Rico, Michele Oliver, Elaine Taylor, Jan Sosinko, Monica Pride, Bob Schmanski, Helen and John Reynolds

    Anastasia Tinsel, Veronica Butler

    Minutes of previous Meeting:
    Read and confirmed – Elaine/ Jan

    Matters arising:

    • $1000 donation was misdirected by bank - now recovered.
    • The laptop still on hold and Jan suggested her son working in IT may be able to help with a 2nd hand laptop - Bob to follow up.


    • Roger and Ann Hughes from Mangawhai emailed to say they have moved to 11/13 Laidlaw Way, East Tamaki.
    • Apparently the Burns family from Barrier View Drive have also left.

    Sub-Committee Reports:

    • Liturgy
      Next Liturgy meeting will be held tomorrow.
      Fr Rico is in contact with the Diocesan Liturgy Committee and they are in the process of upgrading different modules for all ministries.
    • Youth
      Anastasia away today. Gabriel Stindl from Mangawhai has offered to teach guitar to children: asked for petrol money
    • Works and Finance report
      - Ken's report stated that Roseanne and Bob are sorting out the House Account and cell/house phone accounts.
      - Fr has 10 months to go with his cell phone account, so not worth trying to change.
      - Parish account balances itemised and another $5000 transferred from the CD fund to cover a $3000 insurance bill and a new oven for the presbytery. We do not appear to be meeting our normal obligations from income and will monitor this closely over the next few months.
      - It was agreed to have a Gala Day next March - date to be decided. Helpers will be needed on the day and Vaughan be asked to organise H & S laminated signs for this.
      - Repairs to the carpark will be carried out in summer. Ken has obtained a small digger to use on broken up areas, so drain can be placed in and repacked.
      - John spoke of a couple of financial issues at Maungaturoto - requesting the Finance Committee pay the $50 / fortnight for mowing of the church lawn. Additional request for a $600 (The Warehouse) electronic screen to save time setting up before Mass: John will look into options.
    • Health and Safety
      - Vaughan forwarded his monthly report stating he has laminated the Fire Action and Tsunami warning evacuation posters for the three facilities and will get these up this month.
      - While not H & S related, the Volunteers Activities Survey has been completed for Mangawhai and arrangements made for these to be finalised at Maungaturoto and Wellsford this month. He also has the noticeboard for the listing of tradesmen in Wellsford (see last month's minutes).
    • Social Justice
      - Noticeboard available for placement in foyer of Wellsford Church
      - The Mangawhai Trading Table is working well (presently $237.43 - aiming for 400) to provide Christmas baskets for those in need.
      - Elaine gave an update on the group sewing for Uganda and the Philippines - ongoing.

    General Business:

    1. Helen handed in a pamphlet on a year-long charismatic renewal course entitled the HSI Schools of Discipleship (spearheading a new revival in the Catholic Church), Someone (presumeably from Auckland) would come up weekly to run it.
    2. Fr Rico has been approached for children's books for 8-12 yr old children in the Philippines for use as a mini library - Fr to speak of this at Masses
    3. Michele thanked Fr Rico for the lovely funeral service for Rick Donnelly and also the mass at Rick's home a week or so earlier.
    4. Fr gave us a brief report on his retreat in September, expressing surprise at the poor atten- dance The speaker was very good.

      Special thanks to Elaine for taking the minutes at this meeting.

      Next Meeting:
      Wednesday, 6th November 2017 at 7pm.

      The meeting closed at 8.10 p.m. with a prayer from Michele.


      held on Wednesday, 6th September 2017 at Wellsford Parish Hall at 7pm

      Opening Prayer:
      Fr Rico

      Fr Rico, Michele Oliver, Elaine Taylor, Bob Schmanski, Monica Pride, Helen and John Reynolds, Jan Sosinko and Veronica Butler

      Anastasia Tinsel

      Minutes of previous Meeting:
      Tabled and edited

      Matters arising:

      • $1000 donation for piano in Wellsford Church: Bob has contacted the donor who is happy to accept other options. Need a computer/hard drive able to hold 3 yrs music. Guitars unlikely at this juncture. Mary Partington (a long term musician) has stated the Wellsford organ is adequate and Barbara Lambert is willing to input music required.
      • It was agreed to ask the Works and Finance Committee to investigate the purchase of a laptop/hard drive/softwarefor use in all three sectors of the parish. With our thanks to the donor for this generous gift. Thank you card (Michele to check with Bob)


      • In - Fr Jan of Howick parish is bringing a group of permanent deacons to the parish for 2 formation sessions.
      • Fr will be on Retreat from 17-22 September.
      • A chalice has been donated by a Wellsford parishioner.
      • Te Koropko received: a good issue including upcoming workshops on Copyright / Ministry formation / Music seminar by noted composer David Haas. Also attractive Sacramental certificates available.
      • Fr awaiting information from the Liturgy Centre on a training programme for Ministers of Eucharist and Word.
      • Out - Card sent to Maggie Everett and one to be sent to Maureen Bakulich (Helen to send)

      Sub-Committee Reports:

      • Liturgy – Michele stated that 10 persons (not 7 as reported) had attended the Retreat last month
        Fr reported on last Liturgy Meeting dealing mainly with planning of liturgies for Fathers'
        Day and Our Lady's birthday celebrations. Michele asked for consideration of her personal concerns for a more inclusive Mother's Day blessing. Elaine was given a copy of the new Maria Guzzo hymn.
        Veronica asked that a liturgy be considered to celebrate creation/ecology - have plenty of appropriate music.
        Mike Harris has asked how best to utilise Fr Bill's gift of the new Stations of the Cross.
        Fr Rico will put it to next Liturgy Meeting but it was agreed that Stations of the Cross be held at 7pm every 1st Friday and each Friday in Lent. Also encourage individual use.
      • Youth - Anastasia absent tonight but Michele will speak with her on any developments
      • Works and Finance report – Painting of hall and downstairs toilet area complete, but kitchen and other areas still have work to finish.
      • Social Justice - Veronica strongly advised not to publish list of useful tradespeople for families in need; as others may (and have) sued perpetrators of such initiatives
      • Option – a cork board in the church foyer for anyone wanting to advertise by business card
      • An offer has been received from an anonymous donor to cover the cost of transportimg the 'grounded' clothing parcel to Uganda

      General Business:

      • Church property in Mangawhai – no viable options on the cards but leasing a Ηentral Mangawhai' property a possibility, albeit expensive. Discussion on the pros and cons of σur own church' lacked resolution. Keep on back burner.
      • Elaine said the hymn books (typed as back-up in case of IT breakdown) are complete and presently being edited. Fr agreed to photocopying in Wellsford Office.Helen noted projector instructions taped to inside of the cover – unfortunately sometimes it's just dem gremlins!

      Next Meeting:
      Wednesday 4th October 2017 at 7pm

      The meeting closed at 8.35pm with a short meditative prayer by Michele.


      held on Wednesday, 2nd August 2017 at 7pm

      Opening Prayer:
      Michele read the Serenity Prayer

      Bob Schimanski, Michele Oliver, Monica Pride, Anastasia Tinsel, and Veronica Butler

      Fr Rico (lateness), Elaine Taylor, Helen and John Reynolds

      Minutes of previous Meeting:
      Tabled as read and confirmed

      Matters arising:

      • Parish website / link working really well. Some emails not going through, but has improved Bob will speak further with Simon.
      • Church property in Mangawhai: transfer to General Business.
      • Mangawhai weekday Mass: transfer to General Business


      • Anastasia spoke of her ideas for teaching youth . While not a religious programme (more of a modern moral approach) this is still a work in progress. She tabled some colourful, age-related sheets which looked very promising. Michele and Monica will support Anastasia as this progresses.
      • Update on use by the Medical Centre of our church parking area: Ken had written to the Centre suggesting a review of rental (to help in resealing costs). Rental has remained the same for 16 years. No response received to date.
      • The Diocesan Newsletter handed over to Bob
      • E-mail sent out by Marie setting out changes to role of ministers of Eucharist and readers apparently sent only to Wellsford parishioners rather than across the wider parish: this will be rectified.
      • Bob spoke of a phone call he received from a parishioner offering $1000 towards a piano for the Wellsford church to replace the organ. Fr suggested the donation go towards guitars or hard drive but after some discussion it was agreed Bob would go back to the potential donor to query his initial reason for the offer and what other options may be possible.

      Sub-Committee Reports:

      • Liturgy – Michele spoke of her disappointment around the Retreat – only seven attended – and the content was not what she had hoped for.
      • Fr informed us that a Deanery meeting earlier in the week had noted other parishes were experiencing similar difficulties to us on religious formation for youth.
      • Works and Finance report – Painting of the church hall to begin 14th August at a cost of $2600 GST incl. $250 donation agreed towards the Bible in Schools Programme. Minor but messy small jobs also carried out around the presbytery.
      • Social Justice Fr met with John Vianney and Monsignor Davies regarding the issue of Fr Richard's offer to transport clothing to Uganda but he left the country yesterday – with/without suitcase?

      General Business:

      • Michele raised concerns about the hoped-for weekday Mass at Mangawhai: she was anxious that Maungataturoto did not lose their Wednesday Mass as this was very well supported and a Friday Mass would be preferential for most Mangawhai people. After some discussion Fr stated he would offer Mass on the 3rd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at individual homes in Mangawhai. It was agreed to let the matter rest at present until a response can be gathered from parishioners. Michele stated she would not proceed with follow up in light of this decision.
      • Veronica raised a concern about the possibility of nominees for church ministries being 'screened' by parishioners. Obviously one should always encourage 'best practice' with reverence and competence, but it was agreed it is not our place to judge.

      Next Meeting:
      Wednesday 6th September 2017 at 7pm

      Fr Rico closed the meeting with a blessing at 8.55 pm.



      Opening Prayer:
      Bob Schimanski

      Bob Schimanski, Michelle Oliver, Elaine Taylor, Monica Pride, Helen and John Reynolds, Anastasia Tinsel, Veronica Butler

      Fr Rico (sick), Michelle (for lateness)

      Minutes of previous Meeting:

      Matters arising:

      1. Bob reviewed the programme “Bible in Schools” giving the committee an overview of the basic themes. The 17 sessions included – Made for a purpose / Forgiveness / Courage / Obedience / Helping and respecting others etc. While more moral rather than religious in nature, it was agreed these are important learnings for children and we need to be seen supporting the programme alongside other churches. This to be referred to Finance Committee for a decision on the parish contribution.
      2. Bob rang Simon Straka who agreed to put the parish newsletter on gmail. Additionally Bob will request Simon put the Parish Council minutes on a website which can then be accessed via a published link in the newsletter. Veronica needs to arrange this with Marie Rambeau and email a copy of the monthly minutes to Simon.
      3. Veronica passed on the concerns of a Mangawhai parishioner regarding the legality of using 2nd hand materials for building additions to the home of a Wellsford parishioner who requires an extra room to house grandchildren. Monica felt our part is to offer help while other committee members felt the building/standard of construction should be between the builder and Council. No further action.
      4. Michelle brought us up to date on the possibility of purchasing a church property in Mangawhai. After speaking to the Bishop she approached Ken Davies (a well known land agent) to source potential sites. He has had no success in the Mangawhai area and he and Roseanne (Parish Treasurer) believe logistics would be very difficult and suggested speaking with the local Anglican Church We struggle to meet current costs for the 3 parish areas, but it was agreed we need to speak to Mangawhai parishioners for their views. Jan Sosinko to be approached on her return as to whether she is willing to take up co-ordination of this role.


      • Te Koropiko magazine (Liturgy) was passed to Elaine for study at the next Liturgy meeting.
      • DPC News, focusing mainly on Youth and including the need for new vocations to the priesthood.
      • Michelle has been in email contact with the Mercy Spirituality Centre regarding a retreat. Two dates were offered and Michelle suggested Sr Catherine choose the topic. The Committee agreed to Friday 22 September between 10am-3.30pm, Wellsford.

      Sub-Committee Reports:

      • Liturgy – the next meeting to be held tomorrow 6th July to discuss the celebration of our Parish Patron saint Our Lady of Perpetual Help, together with the Mercy Retreat. Introducing initiatives by Fr Rico where Readers and Eucharistic Ministers will process in with the priest at the beginning of Mass. Readers will also take up the introductory role and read the Prayers of the Faithful from the lectern. The reader will say the Psalm verses and the congregation will sing/recite the response from the overhead screen.
      • No Youth or Social Justice reports
      • Health and Safety committee (newly formed) will meet next Thursday
      • Works and Finance $2600 for painting of the Wellsford church hall. Vaughan will attend this next meeting to ensure all regulations are met.

      General Business:

      1. Michelle suggested that one of the 3 weekday Masses at Wellsford be transferred to Mangawhai. Speak to Fr Rico about this and consider where this might be held (Anglican Church/private home/s? – what day/time? Matter to be raised at Liturgy meeting.
      2. Elaine spoke of the large quantity of sewing undertaken by the group of Mangawhai women on behalf of a birthing centre in (Northern?) Philippines. The same group has also sewn for impoverished children in a Ugandan orphanage. These latter items were to have been taken there by Fr Richard on his return, but he is now unwilling to do this. Fr Rico will speak to Mons. Tonks and Fr Richard to explore other options. Local corruption in Uganda demands someone collect the package end-flight and transport to its destination.
      3. Bob asked that members give consideration to acting as the Wellsford rep to the Regional Pastoral council. He has held this position for the past 5 years.
      4. Ken and Bob were thanked by Michelle with a gift on behalf of the Parish, for their lengthy and generous service to the PPC.

      Next Meeting:
      Wednesday, 2nd August at 7pm
      (Apologies in advance from Elaine, Helen and John)

      The meeting closed at 8.25pm with a reading by Michelle from this Sunday’s Scripture.

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