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Kia Ora,  Welcome     Sunday Mass Times
To Visitors To MaungaturotoSunday 8.30am
ST MARY'S PARISH           Mangawhai
Sunday 8.30am
Sunday 10.30am
Parish Priest: FR QUIRICO CRUZ Ph. 423 8170  
Parish Co-Ordinator: Brian Cave Ph. 423 7307  
PPC Chairperson: Michele Oliver Ph. 431 2226  
Newsletter editor: Email here  

NEWSLETTER for: 22nd October 2017 - 29th Sunday Ordinary Time


    In today's Gospel, the Pharisees and the Herodians ask Jesus a tricky and embarrassing question in order to trap him: “Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, or not?” For the nationalistic Jews saw the payment of taxes as illegal while those who feared the Romans saw the refusal to pay taxes as inciting rebellion. So when Jesus was asked about the lawfulness of paying taxes to the Roman emperor, he was actually put into a trap. Either yes or no would make him an enemy of the Romans or of the oppressed nationalistic Jews. Jesus' sharp response has the tone of righteous indignation; he perceived their malicious intent. The issue was really not payment of taxes but their hypocrisy. Jesus embarrassed and outwitted them with his answer: “Render to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's.”

    The Gospel teaches us that we need to be loyal to legitimate authorities, be they civil or divine. They exist for human welfare and every citizen has the responsibility to contribute towards human welfare.

Fr. George C. Mathew SS

“Our prayer cannot be limited to an hour on Sunday. We must have a close relationship with the Lord.” Pope Francis

Stations of the Cross

At Wellsford Church on the 1 st Friday of every month at 7pm. Reconciliation to follow.

October - Month of the Holy Rosary

The month of October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary. The rosary has been described as a small catechism, for the mysteries contain the life of Jesus and Mary who is always, like the church, associated with the work of Jesus. During this month the Rosary will be prayed every Sunday before Mass at all centres. Starting approximately 15 – 20 minutes before Mass.

Mangawhai House Mass

Wednesday 25th October at the home of Pamela Downes, 11 Kagan Avenue, Ph. 431 5623, 021 039 0298

PPC Minutes

The latest Parish Pastoral Council minutes can be viewed online at From the front page click on About Us then PPC

Trainee Newsletter Editor

  We are looking for someone willing to be trained as a back up to Marie as newsletter editor. As long as you have access to email and are familiar with word type documents you can do it. You don't need to live in Wellsford as the finished copy can be emailed for photocopying. Please email or Ph. 021 0544 772 for more info.

Retreat Day for Parish Ministers of Music

Ministers of music (directors, instrumentalists, choir members, cantors) work hard at their ministry throughout the year. This day is offered as an opportunity to step aside, rest, pray and be nourished by the Word.
St John the Evangelist Church, Orewa, November 11 th , 10am - 3.30pm. Cost $10, lunch provided.
Please register for the retreat at the Liturgy Centre (09 360 3061) or

Mission Sunday is 22nd October 2017

Donations can be sent to P O Box 43226 Wainuiomata Lower Hutt. Ph 04 472 2210, Online donation: or ANZ 060411 0021447 00

The Cathedral of St Patrick & St Joseph Organ Series 2017

Saturdays at 6 - 43 Wyndham St Auckland. Our final concert in the series is our own Cathedral Organist and Director of Music, James Tibbles on 28 th October at 6pm. James is a renowned organist and he presents for us a programme that he played in concert in Amsterdam earlier this month called Bach's Leipzig. The concert is FREE with a retiring collection. Validated parking available at the Wilson's car parks on Durham Lane ($2) & Hobson St ($4). Please bring your ticket wit you to validate in the Cathedral.

Bishops Jubilee Bursaries

The bursary is to assist financially those wishing to study theology or religious education at university level and are personally involved in some way in the mission of the Church in the Auckland Diocese. Many parishioners have been helped in their studies since the bursary was inaugurated in the year 2000. The current bursary is for Semester 1, 2018 and applications close Thursday 16th November 2017.

Donation Totals for September 2017

Wellsford $1171.70, Mangawhai $746.00, Maungaturoto $715.30.

Headlines from the latest issue of NZ Catholic:

  • Catholic Enquiry Centre aims to reach new generation.
  • Patience urged in wait for new Mass translation.
  • Thoughts after the death of Hugh Hefner.
  • Akld cathedral character often there 24/7
  • Second arch discovered in Rome

500th Anniversary of the Reformation

The reformation was a time of conflict and challenge. 500 years on there is still healing and hurt between Christians and it is good for Catholics to acknowledge this anniversary and revisit some of the history.
The 31st October 2017 marks 500 years since Martin Luther King initially wrote his 95 Theses which had a significant impact upon the Catholic Church and the shape of many organisations, ideas and structures that would come to mark the modern era.

A Reflection Day on the Theme of Forgiveness

  “It is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive.” What does it mean to forgive and be forgiven? We will use Scripture and stories from life to explore forgiveness and how the capacity to forgive and to be forgiven frees us to live more fully and in peace with ourselves and others.
Facilitator: Ann Neven rsj. Saturday 4 th November 10am – 3pm. Mary MacKillop Centre, 56 Selwyn Ave Mission Bay.
Cost $30 waged and $20 unwaged. Bring own lunch. Tea and coffee provided.
Registrations by Wednesday 1 st Nov to or ph. 09 528 1801.

Christian Meditation Retreat

Everything that is, is Holy. A Retreat delving into the life and teaching of Thomas Merton led by Fr Raymond Schmack. Held at St Francis Retreat House, 50 Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough. November 17 – 19.
For more information contact Charmainne Ph. 09 266 7651 or 0274 800 418 or

Job Vacancy

The Catholic Discipleship College is looking for a faithful and energetic person to join our team in Feb/March 2018. They will be responsible for both administration and fundraising. Good written and administration skills are essential and we would prefer someone who wants to be an active member of the CDC community. Please send enquiries to

Prayer intentions for the week
Workers and the Unemployed:
That all workers may receive respect and protection of their rights, and that the unemployed may receive the opportunity to contribute to the common good.

Special Intention:
That our new government will lead and govern with integrity and that their integrity will guide them, particularly in decisions that affect vulnerable members of our society.

Prayers for our Sick:

Merv Cotter, Trevor Sykes, Terry Boreham, Petronella Ter Veer, Matteo Gray, Maggie Everett, Tony Plunkett, Allison Poninghouse, Susan Faulkner, Nanette Matheson, Christina Collins, Mihaka (Mick) Kaio, Patricia Valkenberg, John Brljevich, Stephan & Patricia Vercoe, Christine Tayler, Rita McCurran and Dallas & James Colville.
(Please contact Marie 423 8907 or 0210544772 to have names added to or removed from the above)

Prayers for the Dead:

For those whose death anniversaries occur about now including Clement Joseph (18/10/06), Debbie Oldfield (23/10/00), Margaret Bonner (24/10/08), Pauline Toye (26/10/15), Murray Greig (28/10/15). Rex Parker (29/10/95), Miza Yelas (29/10/62) and Frank Vallance (29/10/75),


Here's a quick quiz, you can scroll down for the answers. There are four questions. They are not that difficult.

1. How do you put an elephant into the fridge?
Answer: Open the door, put in the elephant, close the door.

2. How do you put a giraffe into the fridge?
Answer: Open the door, take out the elephant, put in the giraffe, close the door.

3. The animals are having an animal meeting. All the animals attend except for one. Which one does not attend?
Answer: The giraffe. It's still in the fridge.

4. You must cross a mosquito-infested river. How do you manage it?
Answer: You swim across. All of the animals are attending the animal meeting.

There was a businesswoman who had just completed a huge development project for an obscenely rich investor.
When she was leaving the investor's office he offered her diamonds, rubies and a silver-plated luxury car, but she declined.
The investor insisted, so she said that she just started to golf and maybe a set of golf clubs would be nice.
A few weeks later she received a message from him: "So far I have bought you three golf clubs. I hope you aren't disappointed that only two of them have swimming pools."

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